About Phantom Section

Former Johnny Z band member, inspired by out-of-place artifacts, and let loose to cause mayhem. Stay tuned for more twangy and wobbly releases!

Ghosts Have Your Back

A fourth release! Ridiculously self-indulgent and gets on your nerves. Chillout or just discordant? You decide! Pre-save to Spotify. All proceeds to charity!


Theme from

a Victory

This is the third piece of "music" released by Phantom Section, a know-nothing and non-existent band who "composes" ridiculously pompous and horrifying noise-pieces. If you can tolerate your ears being subjected to abuse, please have a listen. Pre-save to Spotify using the link below. All proceeds to charity!


Phantom Section

Phantom Section, an unearthly force ensemble that blaze unique trails through their ghostly guitar renditions and wobbly keys providing an ethereal, immersive sound experience. Cutting waveforms in the realm of the extraordinary, we bring the unintelligible to life. Objectives: unknown.

Second release!

Second release, even more horrible!